PCB Producibility

It is related to the difficulty of the design, and the particular printed board or printed board assembly.

Producibility Levels:

Level A – General Design Complexity - Preferred

Level B – Moderate Design Complexity - Standard

Level C – High Design Complexity – Reduced Producibility.

When appropriate this standard will provide three design producibility levels of features, tolerances, measurements, assembly, testing of completion or veriļ¬cation of the manufacturing processes that concerning progressive increases in sophistication of tooling, materials or processing and, accordingly advanced increases in fabrication cost.

There are three Producibility Class:

 Class 1: General Electronic Products
such as end user products, computers and their peripherals, and general military hardware.
Where cosmetic defects are not as significant and the major requirement of the board is its functionality.

 Class 2: Dedicated Service Electronic Products
such as communication equipment, advanced business machines, instruments and military equipment.
Where high performance and increased life are required, and for which undisturbed service is desired but not critical. Certain Cosmetic weaknesses are allowed.

 Class 3: High Reliability Electronic Product
such as equipment for commercial and military applications, where prolonged performance, or performance on demand is critical.
Equipment failure or down time is not permitted and must function when required in the case of life-support systems, or critical weapons systems. For applications where high levels of guarantee are required, and service is essential.

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