WiFi Module - Layout Guidelines

Things to remember in creating a PCB trace on RF.

~Do not use right angles in the RF trace, it is better to use 45° bend or radius to change

~ Do not route any signals under the RF trace.

~ It is recommended that you try to use at least 10 mils (0.254mm) traces to route the RF signals. However, due to your PCB stack-up you may have to use layer 3 as your RF ground reference instead of layer 2. To use layer 3 as your RF ground reference you will have to make sure layer 2 is clear of copper.

The clearance on both sides of the
RF trace should be at least
1.5 to 2 times the RF trace width

~ When transitioning from the RF trace to components try to keep the transition smooth. The gray pad is a component pad. And the blue is RF trace.

~ Do not place matching circuits that creates stubs in the RF path.

Pi type matching circuit notice the RF Pi type matching circuit without stubs
trace will have stubs with this type of
layout if the shunt elements are not used

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